Ultrasound of soft tissues and surface structures is an echographic display of organs and pathological formations located close to the surface of the skin. The surface structures of the body include mammary glands, lymph nodes, skin, subcutaneous fat, tendons, muscles, etc. The grounds for ultrasound examination of these anatomical structures may be injuries, scars, tumor formations, suppurative processes, foreign bodies, pain of unclear genesis, etc. With the help of color Doppler mapping, information about the blood supply to the area under study can be obtained. Ultrasound scanning is also indispensable for conducting targeted biopsy of pathological tissues and performing medical procedures.

lymph nodes ultrasound

Lymph Nodes Ultrasound

Lymph nodes ultrasound – examination of lymph nodes using ultrasound. It is used at the stage of diagnosis, differential diagnosis of primary oncological lesions of the lymphoid system, lymphogenic metastasis of tumors of other organs and systems, lymphadenopathy in specific and nonspecific infections. Allows you to determine the diameter, shape, location, structural features of individual…