Eye diseases mixed astigmatism

Mixed Astigmatism

Mixed astigmatism is a refractive pathology in which parallel rays of light penetrating through the optical media of the eye do not form the correct focal line on the retina. Clinical symptoms are represented by a decrease in visual acuity, blurring and distortion of the image under consideration, visual discomfort at dusk. Diagnostics is reduced…

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Eye diseases uveitis


Uveitis is a general concept denoting inflammation of various parts of the vascular membrane of the eye (iris, ciliary body, choroid). Uveitis is characterized by redness, irritation and soreness of the eyes, increased photosensitivity, blurred vision, lacrimation, the appearance of floating spots in front of the eyes. Ophthalmological diagnostics of uveitis includes visometry and perimetry,…

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Eye diseases dacryostenosis


Dacryostenosis is a pathological narrowing of the tear ducts. There are congenital and acquired forms of dacryostenosis. Clinically, both forms manifest themselves in approximately the same way: lacrimation, lacrimation, purulent discharge from the affected eye. Diagnosis is carried out using basic methods (biomicroscopy, visometry, tonometry) and special (tubular samples, diagnostic washing and radiography of the…

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Eye diseases iritis


Iritis is an inflammation of the iris of the eyeball. Clinical symptoms are represented by “blurring” of vision, soreness in the eye socket, hyperemia, edema and a change in the pattern of the iris. Diagnostics includes visometry, gonioscopy, perimetry, biomicroscopy, ultrasound of the eye, tonometry, study of the cellular composition of intraocular fluid and the…

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Eye diseases optochiasmal arachnoiditis

Optochiasmal arachnoiditis

Optochiasmal arachnoiditis is basal meningoencephalitis of the middle cranial fossa, in which the optic nerves and chiasm are affected. The main manifestations of pathology are pain in the eye socket, visual impairment, general weakness, increased visual fatigue. Diagnosis is based on ophthalmoscopy, perimetry, visometry, examination of the reaction of pupils to light and craniography. Conservative…

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Eye diseases neurotrophic keratitis

Neurotrophic Keratitis

Neurotrophic keratitis is an inflammatory and dystrophic corneal changes that develop against the background of an infectious or traumatic lesion of the trigeminal nerve. Neurotrophic keratitis is manifested by a decrease or absence of corneal sensitivity, neuralgic pain, opacity and corneal ulcer. In the diagnosis of neurotrophic keratitis, biomicroscopy of the eye, a fluorescein test, determination…

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Eye diseases orbital hypertelorism

Orbital Hypertelorism

Orbital hypertelorism is an increase in the bone distance between the eye sockets. The pathology is characterized by an incorrect position of the orbits, diplopia, visual impairment. There are multiple cosmetic defects. In the process of diagnosis, the circumference-interorbital index is calculated, visometry, computed tomography, and X-ray examination are performed. Treatment is reduced to performing…

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Eye diseases Panophthalmitis


Panophthalmitis is a total purulent inflammation and melting of all structures and membranes of the eyeball. With panophthalmitis, there is a sharp pain in the eye socket and in the head on the side of the lesion, lacrimation, photophobia, swelling and chemosis of the conjunctiva, blepharospasm, chills, fever, vision loss. Diagnosis of panophthalmitis is based…

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Grace and beauty cannot be separated from health.
Cicero Marcus Tullius

The medical Directory of diseases that you see in front of you is an electronic encyclopedia containing the most complete updated information about various human diseases.


It includes a detailed description of more than 4,000 nosological units. It reflects both the most “popular”, common diseases, and those whose systematized information is not presented in almost any online publication.

The structure of the medical directory is built in such a way that you can find the disease of interest in the alphabetical rubricator, the corresponding section or through the search bar. The description of each disease contains a brief definition, classification, information about the causes and mechanisms of development, symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment, prevention and prognosis. Such a clear unification of articles, according to the authors of the online publication, will allow the reader of the medical directory of diseases to get the most comprehensive information, on the one hand, and not “get lost in the wilds of medical labyrinths” – on the other.

To date, the content of the medical directory of diseases consists of 30 independent sections, two of which (“Aesthetic problems” and “Cosmetic problems”) are related to the field of Beauty, and the rest represent Medicine itself. This close symbiosis of aesthetics and health gave the name to the whole site – “Medic Journal”.

On the pages you can get comprehensive information about women’s, nervous, children’s, skin, venereal, infectious, urological, systemic, endocrine, cardiovascular, ocular, dental, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, ENT diseases. Each section of the medical directory of diseases corresponds to a certain clinical direction (for example, Women’s diseases – Gynecology, Children’s diseases – Pediatrics, Dental diseases – Dentistry, Aesthetic problems – Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic problems – Cosmetology, etc. d.), which allows the user to switch from the description of the disease to information about diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Articles published in the medical directory of diseases are written by practicing medical specialists and undergo a thorough preliminary check before publication. All reviews are written in an accessible popular science language that does not distort reliable information, but also does not allow to descend to the level of populism. Additions and updates occur daily, so you can be sure that you receive the most reliable and up-to-date information from the world of medicine.

The universality of the medical directory of diseases lies in the fact that it will be useful to a wide range of Internet users who are faced with a particular health problem. The medical directory of diseases is a doctor who is always at your fingertips! At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that the information presented here is for informational purposes only, does not replace the face-to-face consultation of a specialist doctor and cannot be used for self-diagnosis and self-treatment.

“Praemonitus praemunitus” – “Forewarned means armed,” the ancients said. Today, this winged Latin saying is as relevant as possible: everyone needs to take care of themselves and their health. Health is the only non-transitory fashion and the greatest luxury that is incommensurable with any earthly goods. To be healthy means to be successful, to know the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood, to live a long and active life.

Health and beauty are inseparable; moreover, beauty is a reflection of the healthy state of the body. After all, in order to have perfect skin, a slim figure, luxurious hair, first of all, you need to take care of your physical and mental health.

We hope that the medical directory of diseases will become for you a reliable and understandable guide to the vast world of medicine.

Health to you and your loved ones!
Sincerely, the team of Medic Journal