Medic Journal is an information resource that tells professionally and in an accessible way about what every person cares about: about health and everything that helps to preserve it. Our target audience: individuals (patients, medical specialists, medical students, parents), legal entities (organizations providing services in the field of healthcare).

Our mission is to provide reliable and up-to-date information about diseases and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, news from the world of medicine and the latest medical discoveries. In addition to educational purposes, we also pursue a practical task – to make it easier for the patient to find the right doctor, procedures, operations, to provide useful information about price competition in the medical services market, to acquaint with the reviews of real people.

Content is updated daily ‒ new text materials are published in different categories every day.

At the same time, even the most complete information posted on the web cannot replace a face-to-face consultation with a specialist, so we do not give advice on the treatment of diseases and ask our readers to consult a doctor at the first signs of a health disorder.

Editorial policy

We are very demanding of the published content, so all materials are carefully selected and checked by medical editors. All information posted on the pages of the Medic Journal website must meet the following criteria:

  • Expertise. The authors of the materials and experts of the project are practicing doctors, whose qualifications are confirmed by relevant diplomas and certificates;
  • Uniqueness. All published articles are written specifically for the Medic Journal resource. We never use “someone else’s” content;
  • Accounting for user requests. To fill the site with new materials, we carefully monitor and analyze user requests, quickly and sensitively respond to them by writing fresh articles;
  • Refusal of advice. We do not give specific prescriptions and do not advertise medicines, therefore we do not publish trade names of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, medical devices and other medical products.
  • Inadmissibility of self-medication. We do not welcome self-medication, so on the pages of our website you will not find descriptions of non-traditional methods of treating diseases. Being a part of the professional medical community, we stand on the positions of evidence-based medicine. Information obtained from open sources does not replace an in-person doctor’s consultation!

Editorial Office

All materials published on the Medic Journal website are written by medical specialists with confirmed diplomas.


The project is funded mainly by contextual advertising from Google AdSense, which is clearly separated from search results.


We are always ready for an open dialogue with users. You can send your suggestions for improving the project to e-mail [email protected].