Common Symptoms exhaustion


Exhaustion is an extreme degree of weight loss (more than 20%), in which the work of various organs and systems is disrupted. The condition is often accompanied by symptoms of nervous exhaustion, weakness, adynamia. Exhaustion of the body occurs with anorexia, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, cancer and other types of intoxication. To determine the factors that…

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External Symptoms asymmetry of nasolabial folds

Asymmetry of Nasolabial Folds

Asymmetry of nasolabial folds is a sign of a number of neurological diseases, occurs in some dental pathologies, may be a consequence of aesthetic operations, cosmetic manipulations. The difference in the depth and angles of the folds varies from insignificant to pronounced. Pathology is often observed simultaneously with other types of facial asymmetry. The cause…

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Common Symptoms thirst


Thirst (polydipsia) is the desire to drink water in large quantities, which is accompanied by subjective sensations of dry mouth. The symptom can occur with various endocrine diseases, increased fluid loss during breathing and sweating, liver and kidney pathologies. To determine the causes of thirst and dry mouth, ultrasound of internal organs, X-ray examination, laboratory…

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Visual Disturbances double vision

Double Vision

Double vision (diplopia) is the simultaneous visualization of two images of one object. The symptom occurs with refractive errors, accommodation and convergence, neurological diseases, intoxication and injuries. Diagnostic methods for diplopia include visometry, computer autorefractometry, biomicroscopy, ophthalmoscopy, MRI, radiography, laboratory tests and pharmacological tests. For immediate elimination of diplopia, occlusion of one eye is indicated.…

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Pathological Sensations vaginal burning

Vaginal Burning

Vaginal burning is mainly found in vaginal lesions (thrush, nonspecific vaginitis, venereal infections). The cause of discomfort may be herpes infection, genital allergy, HPV infection and pathology of the urinary system. Gynecological examination, microscopic and bacteriological analysis of vaginal secretions, instrumental methods (colposcopy, ultrasound, biopsy) are prescribed for the diagnosis of etiological factors of burning.…

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External Symptoms deformation


Deformation leads to a change in the proportions, size, shape of body parts, which is accompanied by external defects and impaired body function. Skeletal deformities are most common: the skull, spine, chest, bones and joints of the extremities. Soft tissues can also deform. The causes of such changes are congenital malformations, injuries, degenerative changes, tumors.…

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Common Symptoms aching joints

Aching Joints

Aching joints are unpleasant aching, pulling sensations in the area of articular joints, the intensity of which sometimes reaches the degree of pain. The symptom is combined with muscle aches, weakness, bruising, crunching, limited movements and may precede joint pain (arthralgia). Joint pain is accompanied by lesions of the musculoskeletal system, infections, diseases of the…

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Pathological Sensations Hyperacusis


Hyperacusis is an increased sensitivity to sounds that other people perceive as having normal intensity. It is observed in injuries, diseases of the labyrinth, neuritis, migraines, multiple sclerosis, amaurotic idiocy, meningitis, and a number of other pathologies. It is diagnosed on the basis of complaints, the results of otolaryngological and neurological examinations, additional studies. Treatment…

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