Pain Hip pain

Hip Pain

Hip pain is an unpleasant or painful sensation caused by a pathological process in the bones, soft tissues, nerves and vessels of the thigh. It can be permanent, periodic, short-term, weak, intense, dull, acute. It is often combined with edema, impaired limb function. It is caused by injuries, inflammatory, degenerative, tumor diseases, and other factors.…

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Common Symptoms aching joints

Aching Joints

Aching joints are unpleasant aching, pulling sensations in the area of articular joints, the intensity of which sometimes reaches the degree of pain. The symptom is combined with muscle aches, weakness, bruising, crunching, limited movements and may precede joint pain (arthralgia). Joint pain is accompanied by lesions of the musculoskeletal system, infections, diseases of the…

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Common Symptoms thirst


Thirst (polydipsia) is the desire to drink water in large quantities, which is accompanied by subjective sensations of dry mouth. The symptom can occur with various endocrine diseases, increased fluid loss during breathing and sweating, liver and kidney pathologies. To determine the causes of thirst and dry mouth, ultrasound of internal organs, X-ray examination, laboratory…

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Common Symptoms lethargy


Lethargy is a subjective feeling of lack of vigor and energy, accompanied by a decrease in working capacity and loss of interest in familiar activities. Often, malaise occurs under the influence of external factors: fatigue, overeating, excessive coffee consumption. Symptoms are also caused by pathological causes — endocrine and neurological diseases, mental disorders. To clarify…

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Common Symptoms weight change

Weight Change

Weight change is a fluctuation of body weight in the direction of decrease or increase. The condition may be accompanied by weakness, apathy, dyspeptic disorders. Weight changes are most often caused by conscious dietary restrictions, endocrine diseases, severe organic pathology and psychogenic disorders. To identify the cause of weight loss or weight gain, anthropometry is…

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Pain pain in the temples

Pain in the Temples

Pain in the temples occurs with migraine, arterial hypertension, increased intracranial pressure, injuries, intoxication syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, temporal arteritis, pheochromocytoma, cluster headache and tension headache. Pain can be prolonged, paroxysmal, acute, dull, pulsating, pressing, shooting, aching, burning. The reason is established according to the survey, examination, laboratory and instrumental techniques. Treatment – analgesics, anticonvulsants, glucocorticoids,…

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Pain neck pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain (cervicalgia) is pain of various nature and intensity that occurs in the cervical region. The symptom is accompanied by dizziness, a feeling of numbness in the back of the head or arm, local redness and swelling of the skin. The neck can hurt with infectious and inflammatory diseases of this area, injuries and…

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Common Symptoms weight fluctuations

Weight Fluctuations

Weight fluctuations are small changes in body weight in the direction of increasing or decreasing, occurring in a short time. Often, weight jumps are caused by natural factors: errors in the diet, fluctuations during the menstrual cycle. Among the pathological prerequisites for weight changes, renal and cardiovascular diseases are distinguished. To verify the cause of…

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