Ultrasound of the thoracic cavity is a method of visualization of the heart, main vessels, pleural and pleural cavity leaves, subpleural sections of the lungs, thymus gland, intra-thoracic lymph nodes, diaphragm, soft tissues of the chest and other structures located in this anatomical region. During the study, the size, position, and uniformity of the structure of organs and tissues are evaluated, the presence or absence of additional inclusions and volumetric formations is revealed. It can be carried out by transthoracic access, as well as by transesophageal and transbronchial access – the latter methods increase the accuracy of echo scanning. In some cases, ultrasound of the structures of the thoracic cavity is used as a means of navigation and control during diagnostic punctures and biopsies.

transesophageal echocardiography

Transesophageal Echocardiography

Transesophageal echocardiography is a method of ultrasound examination of the heart using an endoscope with a transesophageal ultrasound sensor. Transesophageal EchoCG provides a clearer visualization of the structures of the heart than the transthoracic method, allowing reliable diagnosis of tumors and blood clots in the atria, the condition of valve prostheses, bacterial endocarditis, aortic anomalies,…

mediastinal ultrasound

Mediastinal Ultrasound

Mediastinal ultrasound is an ultrasound examination of anatomical and topographic features and macrostructure of organs located in the median part of the thoracic cavity. Transthoracic access is more often performed, however, transesophageal or endobronchial echo scanning is possible. It is used for recognition of volumetric formations, inflammatory processes of this anatomical region, assessment of the…



Echocardiography (EchoCG) is a method of noninvasive visualization of the heart using reflected ultrasound signals, which allows assessing the morpho-functional parameters of heart structures. Several modes are used: one-dimensional, two-dimensional, Doppler, etc., together allowing to assess the contractility of the heart, conduct a phase analysis, measure the parameters of the walls and cavities, determine the…